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Following my web projects are listed, described and linked.

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Business Pages

ehrenf.de  ⇒ large + small
My services: Help in operation, office, home, garden, internet services, consulting

Informative Pages

ehrenfeld-i.de  ⇒ large + small
Informations about Ehrenfeld, a district of Cologne
sg.utez.de small G
How to use "Blogger": That's the way it works. Here I share my experience and my know-how related to creation and maintenance of Blogspot blogs.
herzwarm.de small G
Social and Health: Financiell support with the rent, menopause, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, g-spot.
machthaber.de small G
(Machthaber = rulers / leaders / influencers)
Where is the journey going? - Who influences what and why? This I ultimately try to figure out, when I occasionally pick up current news and comment on them.
versand.utez.de  ⇒ large + small
Basics of shipping: shipping methods, shipping costs, adequate packaging
zustellerin.org­_2007-2013 ⇒ large
Archive of a website I operated from 2007-2013. The site collated information that was of particular interest to deliverers. (Zustellerin = [female] deliverer)
ziemes.net  ⇒ large
Origin and dissemination of the name Ziemes


privat.utez.de small G
Who I am, what I do, what I remember.
ms.utez.de small G
My multiple sclerosis - How I noticed it, how it was diagnosed, and what impact it has on my life.
brustkrebs.utez.de ⇒ large
Some years ago I had breast cancer and I wrote a blog to accompany myself. - Informations, experiences, images, something creative.