utez.eu - Translated version of the portal of utez.de

Foreword (Only Translated Version)

Hello, welcome on utez.eu, the domain of Ute Ziemes (Germany, Cologne). My web projects are written in German and I'm not able to translate all of them into one or every other European language. So I at least translated my homepage into English, to inform you a little bit what the themes of my contributions are.

Webprojects Overview

Following my web projects are listed, described and linked.

Informative Pages

zustellerin.org   ⇒ web
(Zustellerin = [female] postman, newspaper boy, package supplier, ...)
Website for the needs of postmen, newspaper boys, package suppliers, ...
versand.utez.de   ⇒ web
Shipping Knowledge: shipping methods, shipping costs, adequate packaging
sg.utez.de mobile G
How it works - To use "Blogger". Here I share my experience and know-how related to creation and maintenance of Blogspot blogs.
herzwarm.de mobile G
Social and Health: social assistance, g-spot, menopause, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis
ehrenfeld-i.de  ⇒ web and mobile
Informations about Ehrenfeld, a district of Cologne
ziemes.net   ⇒ web
Origin and dissemination of the name Ziemes

Private Pages

privat.utez.de mobile G
Who I am, what I do, what I remember.
ms.utez.de mobile G
My Multiple Sclerosis - How I noticed it, how it was diagnosed, and what impact it has on my life.
brustkrebs.utez.de   ⇒ web
My Breastcancer - A Blog to accompany myself. - Informations, experiences, images, creative.
machthaber.de mobile G
(Machthaber = rulers / leaders / influencers)
Where are we going? - Who influences what and why?
That's what I'm trying to figure out, while I occasionally pick up current events and take a stand to it.

Commercial Pages

ehrenf.de  ⇒ web and mobile
My commercial offers: ancillary services, internet services, counseling.